Gates of Spring

And it all falls down...

Session 9

R. Lee Fernly’s Recap

Tentacles lashed out grabbing Fernly’s arms drawing him closer to the beak of this great serpent. There was little he could do as he looked to his companions. Knowing they were next if he was no longer able to help them. The events of the last hour ran through his head.

Victory. They survived the main assault on Cragmaw Castle with the goblins and goblinoids waiting in ambush. Fernly and Twiddlewinks checked the south to make sure no one would surprise them from behind. They didn’t expect to stumble into the mess hall where seven goblins were resting. They attacked swiftly dealing a nearly critical blow to Fernly. He recovered some HP with Cure Wounds. Having to do it again because of the large amount of damage from these small creatures.

After dispatching the Goblins the pressed on into the castle keeping Reginald in front. He scouted a fallen tower from a pile of rubble where a wall once stood. With nothing in the room they moved on. The sound of rocks shifting could be heard from behind them. It must of been from Reginald when he was climbing on them. As they moved through the doorway they hear a piercing screech. They look back to see the tips of giant claws coming out of Saag’s chest. Behind him was a massive bear with the head of an owl. The group attacked as Fernly healed Saag. With swords and fireballs they were able to finish the beast.

But there was no time to rest. Before they had a chance to catch their breath a giant serpent with four arms and a beak came in standing directly over the bear/owl. As they attacked another goblin, goblinoid, and strange larger hairy beast entered the room. Twiddlewinks tried his acrobatic attacks but had fallen. Fernly saw the group was losing ground but there was nothing he could do trapped in the corner attempting to subdue the great serpent. But he was caught. The serpent drew him in and bit him. Dangling his body from its beak before letting him drop to the floor.

Fernly lay on the ground unable to move or even open his eyes though he could still sense a light. He heard a yell that seemed so distant. Perhaps it was from Reginald. They found Gundrin. At least he knew that he and his friends were on the right path. As the light narrowed he saw a small hand with tattoos on the arm reaching out to him and a voice that said “Come my friend. It is your time.”



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