Gates of Spring

A new friend arrives

Session 8

R. Lee Fernly’s Recap

The group debated on how to best bring back Grakus when they received a fax from his legal team. It seemed he has signed a DNR and they were forced to leave his body.

They headed North until they encountered a river. Their goal was to be far enough away that they would be safe should the dragon return. The river side was a nice place to make camp even though it was still day time. But they were tired from the battle and the loss of a comrade.

Wolves! Reginald woke the group with his screams. Most came out unscathed though Twiddlewinks had taken quiet a beating with his vital points so close to their jaws. Though they were able to kill them all with a final heave of Reginalds javelin. As they caught their breath they noticed a gnome was standing amongst them. He appeared rather peaceful though his speech was impetuous. He introduced himself as Zook and that he was in search of dragons as a personal hobby. This made the group uneasy as the last people interested in a dragon only a day ago were crazy cultists. But they agreed to let this enigmatic stranger to tag along though with a watchful eye. Fernly was entertained by the fact that Twiddlewinks held suspicious and Saag was more accepting of this newcomer. As this was counter to their characters when Twiddlewinks requested to join.

Giant mosquitoes! Reginald woke the group with his screams. Luckily these were easy to find off as the group was tired of getting interrupted. They had spent several days traveling up the river in hopes of finding Cragmaw manor. Perhaps they should have explained their plans to Zook earlier because he laughed and said the manor was perhaps five days journey south. Fernly used that as an excuse why he was unable to find any tracks left by goblins. Not that he was distracted looking for a new animal friend.

They slowly approached the manor. There was a main door on the east with smaller entrances on the north and south. Fernly suggested the north door as that seemed the least used. Twiddlewinks seeming not to hear him suggested the same thing. With general disinterest they proceeded to the main gate. There were no signs of activity until they were practically in the castle. At that moment arrows flew out of the defensive slits of the castle narrowly missing Reginald. They discovered Zook was a wizard as he put several of them to sleep. Not seeing any other enemies Fernly slit their throats to ensure they would never wake up. Giant orangish goblin things appears from the north. Reginald threw his body at them to slow their advance while Saag unleashed devastating attacks felling the giant orangish goblins.



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