Gates of Spring

We're off to see the Wizard! The terrible Wizard of the cellar!

Session 4

Our intrepid wanderers, reunited at last, went off to see the wizard. They found his lab but it wasn’t very interesting but for a friendly rat and some evidence that ol’ Glass Staff had cooked up some invisibility potion and the call could be coming from inside the house. A careful, deliberate approach that would slowly but surely win the day was talked about but ultimately cast aside for something more direct. The group took it upon themselves to trash Glass Staff’s bedroom, moving his shit around and stealing his private correspondence. Though many would assume that was vengeance enough, they continued on, encountering such fearsome foes as The Dead End and The Confusing Map. An innocuous looking supply room turned out to be anything but when the gang stumbled upon a group of guards who were just trying to get through the another fucking day. Fights ensued and the half-orc almost died but then he didn’t.

A short rest that was due to feature a concert from the bard that no one was particularly excited for because, while he had been great once, his latest album kind of sucked, was fortuitously interrupted by yet another group of guards. Chase was given, at least until the group’s latest nemesis, The Hole That Was Deep But Not Too Deep, slowed them down. Most of the group proved more than capable of overcoming this minor obstacle, but unfortunately both the halfling and the elf were ensnared by that most notorious evil: Overthinking. As they did battle against their perennial enemy, the rest went forth and almost-but-not-quite saved one of the prisoners that were ostensibly the reason for them being there. Fights ensued, this time against skeletal warriors no doubt the product of the (still invisible? Or maybe he’s the rat?) Glass Staff. The halfling showed up just in time to take credit for one of the skeleton deaths, and the elf ranger delighted friend and enemy alike with his classic brand of almost-falling-into-the-hole-he-knew-was-there antics.

It was decided to take a proper rest in an abandoned and not at all spooky jail cell. From there, true adventurer awaited, etc.



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