Gates of Spring

Dragons? We don't need no stinking Dragons!

Session 7

Twiddlewinks’ Recap:

Our heroes pressed onward from their hiding place amongst the ruins, slowly going from building to building. Eventually they stumbled upon a building that stood out from the rest. The windows were boarded and unlike many of the structures, the walls remained intact. The doors were found to be locked. Using a combination of savvy diplomacy and brute force, Grakus and Twiddlewinks negotiated the surrender of a group of men confined within. They appeared peaceful and claimed to be in the area to study they dragon that lived in a tower in the north of the ruins. Having apparently lived pampered lives free of deception and backstabbing, our heroes trusted these strange men’s words implicitly and set out with two of them in tow to find and kill the dragon. It did not take long for the two strange men to betray them, however, and soon our heroes were caught between defending themselves from the dragon and dispatching the traitors. In their dying throes, the strange men called for the dragon and asked for its thanks for the meal they had provided it.

Thankfully, a meal these heroes were not. Though the stronger and braver among them suffered, and indeed one of them succumb to the dragon’s teeth and claws, the team was able to attack with such ferocity as to drive the beast off into the air. R. Lee Fernly lost his spider in particularly idiotic circumstances.

Not content with having just scared off a dragon, our heroes proceeded to clear out the remaining buildings in the area of zombies and twigblights. By the time the sun set they were less one man, one spider and a whole lot of trust in the world.

R. Lee Fernly’s Recap:

The band of men recovered from their short rest and pressed onward systematically clearing buildings. One looked out of the ordinary. After breaking down a door only to find another door they attempted communicating. To their surprise they found a peace full group studying the dragon. They requested aide as they were not capable of getting closer having no defensive abilities.

They weaved through buildings careful not to disturb dwellings containing zombies and twigblights. Thankfuly the dragon was away because it was best not to fight such a formidable opponent. They reached the farm house connected to the tower where the dragon would rest. After inspecting the carcasses of local spiders they were caught by surprise. Rather than members of a scientific community these robbed scholars were actually servants of the dragon itself.

With a yell from their leader with human offerings the dragon awoke. Reginald the human wall gallantly went forth to dispel the dragon only to be felled by its breath. The others took to the cult eliminating what they could before focusing on the main threat.

Twiddlewinks rummaged through Reginalds belongings to find a healing potion knowing we need all the help we can get for fighting. Grakus seeking the mightiest of battles continued for the dragon giving it a solid blow. Again the dragon released a toxic cloud rendering Reginald unconscious while it proved to be more than Grakus could withstand. Both their bodies residing next to the dragon. Ranged attacks were employed by the rest not wanting to meet the same fate while a brave spider crept behind for a sneak attack.

To the air it went. Flying higher and higher until it was out of range by even the ranger Fernly. The spider still managed to stay on biting the dragon. It must have been close to 200 feet they though when considering options. Their weapons proving feeble at that range.

They hoped the dragon was finished having decide the group to be more menacing that it originally thought until it pitched and dove directly for the group. Once in range both Saag and Fernly let an arrow fly. They watched helpless as the arrows hit in flight knowing they would be off target. By stroke of luck one of the those arrows paths took it alongside the face of the dragon. With blood pouring out the dragon it had finally decided it had had enough.

With the spider on retreat the Fernly asked his faithful spider to return by silken parachute. He didn’t realize that giant spiders are unlike the little ones he had seen as a child and couldn’t do this. But the spider tried non the less. Splattering on the ground becoming unrecognizable.

The band continued with Reginald carrying the limp body of Grakus in hopes of reviving him. Hardly a proper trade for the gold and silver they were able to recover.

Thinking the cult also lied about what lay wait in the dwellings said to have Zombies and Twigblights they went back to see if they too held a treasure. Zombies were waiting behind the first door they opened. With no armor or weapons they didn’t prove a great threat and were dispelled by the men. Thinking the battle was won they were surprised by their return to the semi-living. The removed the zombies heads thinking that would put a stop to them. Until one again stood up with no head. Pretty much annoyed with the situation they made their way to the Twigblights.

Fernly instantly took to the wall making his way up. His plan to stealthily spy the inside. If only Twigblights resided then they could leave without battle. The group continued to the open doorway to begin a frontal attack. Fernly still fighting gravity as he was only a foot off the ground decided he should take arms and attack on ground. The battle was swiftly won by Reginalds realization of his weapons on hand. He smashed the remaining Twigblights with the lifeless body of Grakus.



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