Gates of Spring

Pre-Campaign Introduction

Let's Get To Rollin!

You have each made your way to Neverwinter for various reasons. Some coming to seek their fortune in a city full of opportunity, some merely to shake off their weariness after long weeks on the road before heading out once again, some others at the call of a friend or acquaintance in need. Whatever the reason, you find yourself at The Frothy Mug tavern near the main harbor. You have been gathered here by a dwarf named Gundren Rockseeker. The proprietor of The Frothy Mug, Yeldo Guk, has lead each of you to a large table in the back corner of the common room near the fireplace. He hands you a mug of ale or a glass of wine and says that Gundren will be along shortly.

The room is lit by candle lanterns along the walls and tallow candles at each table. Warmed by the large fireplace at the end of the room, the common room is comfortably filled with travelers and locals alike. A good mix of sailors, dockworkers, merchants and miscreants fill the air with pipe smoke and conversation. Whenever a discussion gets a little too heated, Yeldo or one of his two hired hands quickly breaks it up and escorts the offenders out into the street. Yeldo can’t stand to have any trouble in his establishment.

Since it seems it may be a while before Gundren arrives, you may as well introduce yourselves to one another.



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